Tree Hydration System made from Recycled Diapers


Ustree diapering watering bags to nurture young trees can help ensure a moist soil environment as the plants develop root structure. But standard watering bags require constant refills, and do little to deter stormwater runoff pollution. However, a new product made from the same material used in disposable diapers can catch and retain rainwater before releasing it super-slowly, allowing low-maintenance survival for young trees even in inhospitable growing conditions.

Named the TreeDiaperTM Advanced Hydration System, this technology received a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research grant in 2013. The collar-shaped device can keep young trees and other plants hydrated for weeks or months at a time. And, by absorbing and distributing less water than standard watering bags, the TreeDiaper system largely mitigates stormwater runoff. Read more here