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  • 2024 Texas Tree Conference, Academy, Trade Show and Tree Schools


    The 44th Texas Tree Conference, Academy and Trade Show will be at the Waco Convention Center in September 25-27, 2024.

    If you would like to volunteer contact:

    Ronny Nelson is the 2024 Conference Chair at

  • Tree Climbing Championship

    Markus Smith, Chair

    Kirsten Schneider, Board Representative

  • Outreach

    Amy Heath

  • Treasurer/Finance

    A.J. Thibodeaux

  • Newsletter

    Dr. David Appel

  • Certification

    Jesse Neumann


  • Legislation

    Keith Mars

  • Membership

    Jamie Thibodeaux

  • Awards

    Rebecca Johnson

  • Educational Events Committee

    Working Groups:

    Board Certified Master Arborist/Certified Arborist

    Municipal Specialist

    Utility Specialist

    Certified Tree Worker

    Oak Wilt Assessment Qualification

    Bilingual Educational Events

    For more information email our Executive Director, Gene Gehring at

  • Exhibitors and Sponsors

    Kirsten Schenider
    (512) 964-9573

  • Scholarships and Student Liaison

    Ronny Nelson

  • Digital and Social Media

    Rachel McGregor

  • Research/TREE Fund Liaison

    Amy Heath

  • Nominating Committee

    Rebecca Johnson

  • Executive Committee & Governance Committee

    Gary O’Neil (2023-2024)
    CenterPoint Energy

  • Council of Representatives Liaison

    Courtney Blevins

  • Web

    Gene Gehring