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  • 2023 Texas Tree Conference, Academy, Trade Show and Tree Schools


    The 43rd Texas Tree Conference, Academy and Trade Show will be at the Waco Convention Center in September 2022.

    If you would like to volunteer contact:

    Gary O’Neil is the 2023 Conference Chair at

  • Tree Climbing Championship

    Markus Smith, Chair

    Kirsten Schneider, Board Representative

  • Outreach

    Amy Heath

  • Treasurer/Finance

    A.J. Thibodeaux

  • Newsletter

    Heather McKnight

  • Certification

    Jesse Neumann


  • Legislation

    Keith Mars

  • Membership

    Pris Files

  • Awards

    Mark Bird

  • Educational Events Committee

    Working Groups:

    Board Certified Master Arborist/Certified Arborist

    Municipal Specialist

    Utility Specialist

    Certified Tree Worker

    Oak Wilt Assessment Qualification

    Bilingual Educational Events

    For more information email our Assistant Executive Director, Gene Gehring at or call Ronny Nelson, Committee Chair, at 972.750.8386.

  • Exhibitors and Sponsors

    Kirsten Schenider
    (512) 964-9573

  • Scholarships and Student Liaison

    Ronny Nelson

  • Digital and Social Media

    Rachel McGregor

  • Research/TREE Fund Liaison

    Amy Heath

  • Nominating Committee

    Mark Bird

  • Executive Committee & Governance Committee

    Rebecca Johnson

  • Council of Representatives Liaison

    Courtney Blevins

  • Web

    John Giedraitis