Arboriculture 101 is unique.  Unlike some workshops, this short course utilizes lecture and hands-on instruction.  Attendees have the opportunity to learn real world applications to validate concepts taught in the lectures.  A variety of instructional methods, such as hands-on displays, interactive discussions, and media demonstrations will be used as effective tools to address the varied learning styles of the students.

Dr. Watson’s approach to education is to be a facilitator of learning.  This begins with teaching basic concepts and then building on these facts towards more complex subject matter.  Between classes, participants are encouraged to study and assimilate the information covered during the previous class.  Each student will receive a manual of study notes, study questions, and a list of online resources to assist in learning the information presented.

Held in Austin since 2015, the Certified Arborist® exam Prep course provides fundamental knowledge in arboriculture. Over the course of four “Fridays”, this class offers instruction from local Certified Arborists® on 16 topics covered in the ISA Certification Study Guide.

This course is ideal for property managers, developers, construction inspectors, landscape architects, landscape tree workers, or anyone who wants to learn the essential principles and practices of tree care.  While this class will be geared towards professionals, it is also appropriate for the nonprofessional who is interested in a deeper and broader knowledge of trees.  Past participants report that the class helped them pass their exam, saying “I took this class in advance of the ISA Certified Arborist exam. This course was not only a great refresher, but taught me a lot of new things and was critical to ultimately passing the exam with flying colors.” “Excellent preparatory class for the ISA Certified Arborist exam as presentations focused on information about industry, as well as what could potentially be found on exam. Highly recommended.”

March 22, 2016 (Certified Arborist, Municipal Specialist, Utility Specialist)
City of Round Rock Baca Center, Check in time 12:30, exam begins at 1pm.

Certification information and an application form can be obtained by clicking here. As with all Certification Examinations the application must be in the ISA office twelve working days prior to the Exam.

For more information on Texas Chapter Certification and TRAQ, click here.

Contact Misti (Beirne) Perez 512.965.1076 for more information.