Every year, ISAT provides scholarships to the Forestry Departments of Stephen F. Austin State University and Texas A&M University. These grants assist deserving students who are studying arboriculture and urban forestry. If you are a teacher or student at another Texas college or university, and are interested in educational assistance from ISAT, just drop us a line at


ISAT Scholarships – Stephen F. Austin State University
Professor Hans Williams

Madison Law 2016

Angela Sutherland 2015

Andrew Anstrom 2010

Melissa Ferguson 2009

Matthew Skillern 2009

Weldon Dent  2008–2009

Joshua Graham 2007–2008

Anthony May 2005–2007

Kelly Hinte 2004–2005

Terry Miller 2003–2004

Damond Compton 2002–2003

Bryan Adkins 2001–2002

Viviana Marin 2000–2001