Lions Tail Pruning

Have you seen trees pruned to this extent in your neighborhood?

It’s called Lions Tail Pruning, and it damages the health, and structural stability of the tree. It is a pruning method where all of the interior branches are removed, leaving only tufts of leaves and small branches at the ends of the large limbs. Trees suffer from malnutrition, sun burn, and increased limb breakage. Removing excessive amounts of leaves reduces the ability of a tree to make food. Exposing previously shaded bark to full sun causes it to split open, creating a wound. Reducing the branches to a small tuft at the end of a long limb creates a lever that catches the wind, often snapping the branch off.

Don’t let this happen to your trees, hire a Certified Arborist to prune your trees. Certified Arborists know that Lions Tail Pruning is an improper pruning practice, untrained tree workers and tree workers lacking certification may not. For more information on proper pruning practices go to 

For information on how to restore the canopy of a Lions Tailed tree go here