Urban Forest Specialist – Temp/Hourly

The Urban Forest Specialist will assist the Austin ISD Arborist with the District’s Urban Tree Inventory using Arbor Pro GIS software.  This process involves visiting Austin ISD schools and facilities, accurately identifying the tree species on site, mapping their location, photographing them, and indicating the health status and maintenance needs of each tree.  This inventory will: 1. identify tree care needs, 2. prioritize hazard tree risk mitigation, 3. assist in planning for schoolyard and construction projects, 4. identify tree-deficient schools for future plantings, 5. enable the District to strategically plan for long-term urban forest tree care and hazard prevention.  This inventory will also be shared with the City of Austin.  In addition to conducting the tree inventory, the specialist will assist in the following tasks: 1. conduct tree care site assessments before and after tree care work is performed by the contracted service provider, 2. coordinate and attend tree plantings and landscape related events at schools, and 3. assist in outreach with relevant stakeholders at the school and community levels, and 4. Perform occasional minor pruning at ground level. The position is funded through the City of Austin Urban Forest Grant and is part-time for one year (approximately 19.50 hours/week, may vary depending on nature of activities from week to week).