Tree Reviewer with Austin’s City Arborist Program

The City of Austin’s Community Tree Preservation Division is seeking someone to fill the position of Planner II, III, or Senior within the City Arborist program. The primary functions of the job are reviewing commercial and residential plans for compliance with the City of Austin’s Land Development Code and assisting walk-in customers in the Development Assistance Center. The ideal candidate will possess arboriculture experience, knowledge of land use regulations, and strong customer service skills.

The Planner II, III and Senior positions are part of the City Arborist Program in the Development Services Department. This posting will hire one position.

Potential duties may include:

  1. Provide customer service in the Development Assistance Center for general questions related to City of Austin tree preservation regulations. This role will review site plan corrections and exemptions administered through the Development Assistance Center.
  2. Review residential and site plan development plans. This position is responsible for reviewing and analyzing construction plans and processing permit applications related to land development. This position is expected to review and comment on tree ordinances and regulations, perform field work, attend meetings, and assist internal employees and the public with the integration of regulations, processes and procedures.

Knowledge of arboriculture, construction and local land development regulations is needed for this position. Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills are also needed for this position; in this role you must successfully perform daily interactions with the public, construction professionals, other stakeholders, and internal employees.

Notes to Applicants:

The Development Services Department assists homeowners, business owners, and contractors when they build, demolish, remodel or perform any type of construction to ensure compliance with applicable city and building codes.

A detailed complete online City of Austin employment application is required to help us better evaluate your qualifications, and will be used to determine salary if you are selected for this position.

A cover letter and resume must be submitted, but will not substitute for a complete online City of Austin employment application.

Employment history dates must include month and year. Please verify that the employment history, dates, month, and year, on your resume exactly match the online employment application.

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