Tree Climber – Houston

Tree Climber

Jones Road Tree Service

The purpose of this position is to execute the work order’s provided by the Foreman in the fastest and safest way possible


  1. Teachable
  2. Attention to detail
  3. Positive attitude; good problem-solver
  4. Comfortable with multi-tasking but able to focus without being easily distracted


  1. Perform all required ground man, climbing, and aerial lift duties in support of specific job assignments
  2. Operate equipment, such as chain saws, brush chippers, stump grinders, skid steers, and other equipment and tools
  3. Fine pruning, structural pruning, and full removal
  4. Proper pruning techniques and overall quality standards
  5. Adhere to all safety rules and company safety policies
  6. Maintain clean and safe job site
  7. Follows directions from supervisor
  8. Reports for duty at the designated location on time each day
  9. Interacts with clientele in order to help ensure job satisfaction

Key Performance:

  1. Accuracy with data and details
  2. Punctuality
  3. Overall management of information
  4. Organization and efficient

Employees gets hands on practical training. the education at Jones Road Tree Service is more than that, it is part of every interaction between co-workers, supervisors and trainers.