TRAQ certified Arborists or Certified Foresters – California

• We are looking for TRAQ certified Arborists or Certified Foresters for a roughly 9-month assignment in the Napa Valley area of California.
Per Diem (meals and incidental expenses) will be reimbursed at the GSA rate(s) for this geographic location.

PPE will be provided, and updated California COVID 19 regulations will be upheld and implemented to ensure the safety of our staff

$66 Per Diem*
Lodging included
Vehicle Rental included
9 Months estimated duration

Additional Position Description & Requirements:
• Must hold a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) certification with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) or SAF Certified Forester.
• Perform Individual Property and Segment of ROW Hazard Tree Assessments and delineate those trees that are determined to be hazard trees within the definition of this Program; mark those hazard trees with a marking approved by the IMT on each property or segment of ROW.
• Document all trees that are marked with an IMT-approved, ESRI- compatible data collection software. Data collected will include:
 Unique identification numbers for all trees,
 The number of trees (on each property) on a site assessment map,
 Each tree’s tree species, height, tree diameter (at 4.5 feet above ground level), tree GPS coordinates, and Photographs of each tree before removal showing: The unique identification number on the tree trunk, diameter on the measuring tape and the relative height of tree showing distance to eligible target i.e roadway.
• Review the hazard tree assessment, prepared for that property, with the Assessment and Monitoring Consultant’s Crew Leader (CL) to determine if to be considered, prior to commencing with the work
• Perform monitoring and oversight of the felling and removal of Hazard Trees.
• Document with the IMT approved ESRI- compatible data collection software, all hazard trees removed, to include the following items:
 Photograph after removal showing the identification number on the remaining stump.
 Date of removal and GPS coordinates of each tree felled.

Alejandro Fernandez Favreau
Co-Founder / Business Development