Sales Team Associate – DFW

Tree & Plant Health Care Division: Sales Team Associate

Arbor Masters is currently seeking outgoing and driven individuals to grow our already awesome work family!  We are specifically in search of a Sales Team Associate for our Tree and Plant Health Care Division/Selling Arborist.

Arbor Masters is a third-generation, family-owned business, specializing in all areas of tree service and plant care. We love our industry, our work family, and making sure our customers are satisfied by approaching our work with high-level standards for safety and excellence.

Position Overview

The primary function of a Selling Arborist is to create profitable sales for the company by focusing on building long term relationships with Arbor Masters clients and customers in our plant health care and tree divisions.  Must be a Certified Arborist.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop processes and systems with new prospects where relationships and long-term value can be achieved with Arbor Masters (AM.)
  • Develop and implement relationships (consultative selling) that focus on knowing customer needs and wants, and then provide AM solutions that can satisfy those needs.  Build trust with clients for referrals and repeat business.
  • Develop and implement strategy to network in trade associations where existing and prospective clientele are present. Take leadership position within associations and make contributions.
  • Determine pricing for projects using estimating programs and interface with operations personnel as needed to ensure profitable jobs.
  • Actively stays up to date on the latest trends and innovations that can provide unique opportunities for AM that set the company apart from its competitors.
  • Develop clear, creative, and accurate proposals that communicate scope of work and clear advantages of AM to increase win ratios.
  • Responsible for selection of proper contracts and terms that protect AM and communicate the exact scope and desire of client and Company. Ensure that AM guidelines for payment and other terms are clearly delineated.
  • Document conversation with Clients noting their goals and input.
  • Ensure that work orders/Jobs-Visits are clear and reflect the conversation between Sales personnel and Client.
  • Works with Marketing Manager to determine areas or segments, to target with sales efforts.
  • Ensure that all paperwork and data entry including customer correspondence and proposals are current and accurate. Commits sufficient time weekly to review sales metrics and data that will assist in sales productivity.
  • Ensures proper and positive project hand off to appropriate personnel including clear scope of work, client expectations, and unique characteristics.
  • Participates in weekly/bi-weekly review of project costs on regular basis to better understand productivity rates for improved estimating purposes.
  • Interfaces with client on consistent basis for issue and problem resolution as needed to ensure high regard by customer.
  • Actively participates in department/zone teams by participating in meetings, leading as required, fulfilling team roles, mentoring and encouraging others.
  • Collaborates with project managers as necessary for communication to client regarding change orders.
  • Actively takes responsibility to collect all monies owed by clients by both follow up on projects and subsequent phone conversations.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Required Education, Work Experience

  1. Certified Arborist
  2. Minimum 2-3 years in horticulture
  3. Sales experience preferred

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Knowledge of arboriculture and plant health care. Including the knowledge of plant identification, proper planting and location specifications, and proper maintenance and care of plant material.
  2. Knowledge and understanding of proper installation, use, and maintenance guidelines for all AM products, per manufacturer recommendations and specifications.
  3. Knowledge and skill in relationship selling required.
  4. Knowledge and skill in proposal generation.
  5. Knowledge of consultative selling techniques; utilizing listening and relationship skills to improve

Our core purpose is to love people and pursue excellence in the tree care industry. If this resonates with you, please apply here!

Shawnee, 913-563-7505