Forestry Technician – City of Round Rock

Under direct supervision, the Forestry Technician provides professional tree care in City parks, right of way, and other public properties. Work involves performing tree maintenance such as pruning, removals, planting, monitoring, staking, fertilization, and watering.

Examples of Duties
Performs street tree pruning by removing hazardous trees, storm cleanup and pruning of young and newly planted trees.

Plants trees by providing assistance and guidance to the public and volunteers during planting events; performs mulching, staking, and watering with water truck during new tree establishment.

Installs new irrigation and performs irrigation checks and repairs. Weeds and applies fertilizer and herbicide.

Performs vehicles and equipment maintenance bi-monthly.

Maintains all chainsaws and power pruners by cleaning and sharpening to keep them safe and operational.

Experience and Training
High school graduation or GED equivalent.

At least one (1) year of experience as a forestry technician or in a similar position.

Certificates and Licenses Required
Valid Texas Class C Driver License.

CDL License within three (3) months of employment.