Austin Parks and Recreation – Horticulturist Supervisor (Forestry Program)

Applications are only accepted through through the City’s website here:

This Horticulturist Supervisor position is responsible for leading the tree planting and establishment program for the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department. This Horticulturist Supervisor reports to the Urban Forestry Program Manager and is responsible for the supervision of seven (7) Forestry staff members involved in planning, coordinating and implementing Tree Planting and Establishment projects across the City of Austin’s 300 Park properties. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Schedule and dispatch tree planting and watering crews daily.
  • Develop tree planting and establishment plans, working with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Develop and implement long and short-range goals for tree planting, tree watering, volunteer engagement and internal coordination.
  • Recommend budgetary needs for programs, including personnel and equipment.

Salary Range $24.92 – $32.40 per hour.

Closing date 3/3/2021

Essential duties and functions, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following. Other related duties may be assigned.

  1. Develops and implements programs and standard operating procedures for vegetation management and conservation of natural areas and/or cultivated landscapes.
  2. Develops and implements Integrated Pest Management Programs and/or unit safety programs, ensuring compliance with local, state and federal laws.
  3. Develops, recommends, implements and monitors programs, facilities, projects, and guidelines at city facilities/cooperative ventures.
  4. Develops and implements long and short-range goals, i.e., facility maintenance and improvements, water, pesticide, and traffic management, revenue, public outreach and education, etc.
  5. Recommends budgetary needs for programs, including personnel and equipment.
  6. Supervises citizen surveys to determine trend for citizen satisfaction.
  7. Supervises purchasing for the work unit.
  8. Coordinates activities with other divisions, sections, departments, organizations, citywide events, etc.
  9. Generates and presents data, cost estimates, reports to both internal and external customers.
  10. Performs contract management duties, i.e., draft, write, and coordinate contracts.
  11. Acts as the representative of the Director of Parks and Recreation at meetings, in planning workshops, etc.
  12. Recommends solutions, develops partnerships, and/or participates in arbitration of disputes between the City and stakeholder groups.
  13. Supports workshops and other educational programs or events.

Responsibilities- Supervision and/or Leadership Exercised:

Responsible for the full range of supervisory activities including selection, training, evaluation, counseling and recommendation for dismissal.

Location Central Maintenance Complex 2525 S Lakeshore Blvd Monday – Friday, 6:00AM – 2:30PM.

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) provides, protects and preserves a park system that promotes quality recreational, cultural and outdoor experiences for the Austin community. Working with the City of Austin provides a number of health and welfare benefits, such as medical, paid leave time, a great retirement plan, training opportunities and more! Click HERE for more information.

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