Forest Drought Web Application from the Texas A&M Forest Service


The Forest Drought application is now available on

Forest Drought displays U.S. Drought Monitor and Drought Outlook maps and provides estimates of the amount of forestland or total area in each drought category.  You can view statistics for Texas, or you can select a county or group of counties if you are interested in a smaller area.  You can also choose a range of dates to view drought trends over time.

A key feature of the app is that it is continually updated.  New Drought Monitor data is added every Thursday, and the Drought Outlooks are updated monthly.  Drought Monitor data is available from 2000 forward.

Forest Drought has a wide range of applications, but here are a couple potential uses:

  • Landowner interested in what conditions have been in their area over the past few years, especially since the 2011 drought
  • Thinking about when to plant?  Checking the drought outlook for the next month or season may be a helpful first step

You can access the app directly at  It will also work on iPads.