Texas Tree Showdown Contest

Welcome to the 2021 Texas Tree Showdown Contest!

How to Play:

  • Fill out a complete bracket for a chance to win (submission period has ended)
  • Then, jump over to our social media to vote for your favorite Texas trees in four rounds, ending with one each of Texas’ favorite native and non-native trees.
  • Voting in Rounds One, Two and Three will be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The winner of each head to head matchup will move on to the next round.
  • Voting in the Fourth and final round resumes in Constant Contact.
  • To participate you will need to go to the ISAT Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page


  • Submit your bracket beginning March 1 and ending March 5 at midnight. (submission period has ended)  Must submit entire bracket (fill in all the squares) to enter contest and be a member of the Texas Chapter ISA to win.
  • Round One will begin March 8 and end March 26, with head-to-head competition located on the ISAT Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sites. Choose eight trees from the 16 Native and Non-Native species list.
  • Round Two will be from March 29 through April 9 and only four trees will remain. (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Round Three will be from April 12 through April 16 with the final two trees going head-to-head for the win. (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Final voting for the top Texas Tree will take place in Constant Contact and begin on April 21 and end on April 28 with the winning tree announced on National Arbor Day, April 30.
  • Submit your vote for the Final Round here


The first contestant who submits a perfect bracket (successfully pick the winning tree in every slot) and is also a Texas ISA member (join here) will be awarded a free 2021 Texas Tree Conference registration. Members who successfully pick the Final 4 trees will be awarded a discount of $45 off the 2021 Texas Tree Conference (that’s the annual cost of ISAT membership).

How to Win:

Anyone is eligible to vote for their favorite Texas trees in the Texas Tree Showdown. But, if you want to be eligible to win a prize, you must be a Texas ISA member. Download the Texas Tree Showdown bracket (fillable PDF), fill it out, and submit it to Gene Gehring using this link before midnight March 5, 2021. Please include your name, certification number, and completed bracket in your submission. Only one entry per contestant. Upon completion of the contest on April 28, if you believe you have a perfect bracket (most votes per tree) or have successfully picked the Final Four Trees, YOU MUST EMAIL GENE (GENE@ISATEXAS.COM) TO CONFIRM YOUR CORRECT SUBMISSION. He will confirm your bracket and send you information for your free registration or discounts for the 2021 Texas Tree Conference this September 29 – October 1 in Waco, Texas.

More Tree Information:

This year, the Texas Tree Showdown Committee selected 16 trees, natives vs non-natives, to compete from the list of trees in the online Texas Tree Planting Guide. You can find even more information on these and many other great Texas trees on the Texas Tree ID website. See last’s year’s contest winners are below.

And the 2020 winner was…

Bracket results after the final round of voting: (Click image to enlarge)

Winners of the Bracket Contest:
Daniel Priest, Austin – Perfect Bracket (picked the winners of all rounds of voting)
Ross Hosea, San Antonio – Final Four (picked the final four)

Thanks for participating!

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