Call for photos: Texas Tree Conference


What’s the weirdest tree related thing you’ve seen this year? Did you get a photo of it?

Submit your interesting images and offbeat pics for an opportunity to share the uncommon with your fellow tree geeks at this year’s Texas Tree Conference.  A slideshow will be put together for all to enjoy during the conference.

Be sure that your photo:

●      Quality: at least least 300 dpi or better

●      Size: 3-4MB

●      Include photo credits

●      Has a short description

How to share:

●      Email images directly to


●      Upload to Flickr here>

Deadlines for the Texas Tree Conference’s Tree Geek Slideshow is 9/22/15

Photos may be submitted anytime for general sharing purposes.


●      Photos may be used and shared for all sorts of media purposes, by submitting yours, you are signaling that you agree to share.

●      ISAT puts safety FIRST; do not expect to see slides utilized that violate ANSI standards.